Sharon Lohse is a Masters prepared psychiatric nurse with a certificate in horticultural therapy and experience in both inpatient and outpatient therapy.  She is very comfortable with all ages and levels of illness, including depression and anxiety, which adds depth to her horticulture therapy.  Her love of plants, trees, flowers and people are the basis of Mindful in Nature.

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I am  a Registered Horticultural Therapist (HTR) with a private practice that brings people and plants together for health and happiness.  In addition, I am a certified Forest Therapy Guide from the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.

My nursing career includes a Master's degree in Mental Health and a Master's Degree in Bioethics which led to a long career as a psychiatric nurse.  I have always loved plants because of the joy I found in working with them and in the process of caring for my garden, I discovered that the people walking by consistently stopped and told me how the garden made them happy.   A wonderful coincidence occurred when I combined plants, art and my desire to help people.


I was happy making “art” in my garden and it made others happy as well.  This experience led me to a certificate in Horticultural Therapy at  Delaware Valley University, where I learned about Horticulture as a science and how to incorporate nature and plants into the lives of special populations  Working with plants promotes emotional, mental and physical health and well-being. 

Two years ago, I discovered Forest Therapy as another way to bring nature into people's lives.  Following a six month certification process, I have incorporated Forest Bathing into my practice. Guided healing walks in the forest teach people the power of mindfulness in nature. Taking the time to observe the hidden beauty that is all around us is a skill that can be taught and re-created in people's lives in order to relieve stress, lower blood pressure and create a safe, calm space.

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