Circle of stones on a wooden board out in nature
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Rushing water over rocks in a stream



What do you see on a walk in the woods? How do you feel when you are outside in nature?  Do you find yourself taking deeper breaths and finding a feeling of calm?  Being mindful in nature is that exact experience of being present, awake and peaceful amidst the quiet rhythm of nature.

Individual and group sessions are available.

Sessions can be customized to individuals or groups.  Check out  the Forest Therapy Events page for upcoming walks.


"Try it even if you are not a nature person or not sure that you will like it. It is a great experience that will introduce you to something different and beneficial for your body, spirit and mind."

"It is a beautiful and peaceful activity that brings you closer to nature and to a quiet time and place that allows you to relax and enjoy the beauty of the forest."

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Trees reflected in water